3 Tips for a Whiter Smile

When you think about maintaining an attractive appearance, a bright, healthy smile might be one of the priorities that first comes to mind. It’s important to feel confident about your smile and not just after a visit to the dentist. Besides committing to a daily regimen such as flossing and brushing regularly, there are steps you can take to preserve the whiteness of your teeth between visits to your dentist. That being said, there are no quick fixes. A white, healthy smile is the product of good oral hygiene and conscious daily habits. Here are three tips for a whiter smile. 

1. Talk to Your Dentist About Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

The first person to consult will be your own dental expert. Your dentist will be able to identify what habits might be staining your teeth and warn you about teeth-whitening home remedies. Although the internet claims that some home-remedies are all-natural and will brighten your teeth, many of these techniques are more damaging than helpful. For example, some websites recommend the use of orange peels and lemon juice. When overused, lemon juice will erode enamel, and the evidence that suggests orange peels are effective is limited. Your dentist will be able to explain these risks to you and recommend the safest at-home teeth whitening products. 

2. The Pros and Cons of Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

After speaking with your dentist, you’ll be provided with a few safe options. These options will include stain-removal toothpastes, over-the-counter bleaching products, and finally, at-home bleaching provided by your dentist. If you are using over-the-counter products, be sure to scan the label for potentially harmful chemicals including polyethylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, diethanolamine, ammonium hydroxide, and alcohol. According to an article by Very Well Health, these ingredients, particularly alcohol, can dry out our gums. With any of these tools, it is important to follow instructions and not overuse the products provided. An excessive use of any of these techniques can cause teeth sensitivity, gum irritation, and loss of tooth enamel. 

3. Avoid Habits that Stain Your Teeth

Besides consulting your dentist and investing in safe, stain-removing products, one of the most important steps is to be conscious of what you consume. There are some daily consumptions that might be doing the opposite of what you want: making your teeth darker. These habits include smoking, drinking alcohol, tea, cola, and unfortunately, coffee. These beverages in moderation are okay but regular consumption may cause stains. 

Although a bright, white smile is something we all strive for, it is important to consider your overall dental health and habits. The whiteness of your teeth also depends on diet and lifestyle and the maintenance of a healthy smile requires commitment. For more guidance on teeth maintenance, consult your personal dentist. 

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