Canada Dental Benefit

Many Canadians sometimes struggle to access and afford dental care, especially in recent years. Fortunately, as of December 1st, 2022, there is a new dental benefit in Canada for families who have not been able to meet with a dental care professional regularly. The Canadian Minister of National Revenue and the Canadian Minister of Health, Diane Lebouthillier and Jean-Yves Duclos, have established this benefit for Canadian families without dental insurance. 

Dental health is an integral part of overall health and must be inspected by a dentist consistently. This benefit primarily concerns the dental health of young families with children. Dental issues in kids, gone untreated, can cause permanent damage. If a family is eligible, the benefit will provide direct, up-front payments of a maximum $650 a year per child under twelve years of age. The benefit can be utilized for up to two years. At iSmile Dental in Langley, we encourage young families to look into this benefit and visit our clinic for quality dental care.

Are You Eligible for the Canada Dental Benefit?

The requirements for any Canadian benefit can sometimes be unclear, so iSmile Dental has taken the time to define the qualifications for you here. Applicants must fit within the following requirements to receive the Canada Dental Benefit:

How to Apply for the Canada Dental Benefit

If you meet the above criteria, you can apply for the Canada Dental Benefit. There are two ways to complete an application. Applicants can either apply for this benefit through their CRA online account or by phone. Through an online account, the benefit can be sent within five business days. Parents without an online CRA account can call 1-800-715-8836 for assistance. Applicants are advised to keep their dental receipts for their child in case the CRA decides to verify eligibility. Anyone who receives payment and is not eligible will be required to pay the money back. 

At iSmile Dental in Langley, we care about your family's dental health. Our clinic strives to provide sensitive and educational dental care to children to ensure healthy teeth for life. If your family is seeking dental care, consider booking an appointment with us either online or by phone. 

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New Canadian dental benefit offers up to $650/year per child for eligible families. Ensure kids' oral health with a visit to a Langley dentist near me.