Foods that help you keep your teeth healthy

Maintaining oral hygiene sounds like a huge task but it isn’t. Simple to-dos are brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly, using mouth rinse once a day and regular checkups with your family dentist. But what you eat also impacts your oral hygiene. As kids, we were always told not to eat too many candies and chocolates. The simple reason is sugary foods are bad for your teeth. But there are foods that you can actually eat that improve your teeth and gum health. These help fight plaque build-up and keep your teeth bright shiny and happy.

Here is a list of such foods:

  1. Fruits and veggies rich in fibre: Foods that are rich in saliva not only help you keep the teeth healthy but they also help in saliva development which is a natural defense against cavity and gum diseases. Saliva is rich in calcium phosphate, so it also helps replenish minerals in your teeth. 
  2. Dairy Products: Milk, Cheese, Yogurt and other dairy products are rich in calcium and phosphates. Not only do they help in restoring the minerals in your teeth but also help in rebuilding tooth enamel.
  3. Green and Black Tea: Tea!! Sounds ridiculous right? But these teas actually contain polyphenols which react with plaque bacteria. They are very effective to hold these bacteria back or might even kill them to an extent. This helps in keeping these bacteria-forming teeth-attacking acids at bay. And it's delicious!! Sounds like you need to add tea to your daily routine.
  4. Least Greens: We have all heard how important greens are for a healthy body and mind. Greens are a very important source of iron, folic acid and vitamins and minerals. But who thought they would be good for the teeth too. They are very rich in multiple vitamins and minerals that help produce saliva to clean your mouth and keep enamel healthy.
  5. Fluoride-rich foods: seafood like shrimps and crabs are naturally rich in fluoride. They are delicious and a delicacy but at the same time help you maintain your oral hygiene. Other Floride-rich foods are grapes, raisins and wine(wink wink). No, but seriously. They are also a great source of fluoride along with potatoes and coffee. 

Adding these foods to your diet will make a difference in your oral health. Healthy habits like brushing and flossing, ensuring fibre and fluoride-rich, dairy products, and drinking plenty of water is an excellent ways to prevent tooth decay and promote oral health. But don’t forget to get your teeth regularly checked up at every six months interval by your family dentist. 

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