Understanding the Difference Between Crowns and Bridges with Your Trusted Langley Dentist

Navigating the world of dental health can be overwhelming, but the right knowledge can lead to the best choices for your dental needs. Two common dental treatments often discussed are dental crowns and bridges. While these treatments might seem similar, they serve different purposes in the realm of dental care.

Dental Crowns from Your Expert Langley Dentist

A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a "cap," is used to cover a damaged tooth. Whether the tooth is discoloured, fractured, or has undergone a root canal, a crown is often the chosen solution. It not only improves the appearance of the tooth but also strengthens it.

In our Langley dental clinic, we ensure that crowns are tailored specifically for each patient. We match the colour, size, and shape of the crown to the natural teeth, offering an impeccable finish that seamlessly blends in.

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Dental Bridges: Bridging the Gap

While a crown is used for an individual tooth, a dental bridge, as the name suggests, "bridges" the gap created by one or more missing teeth. This dental restoration comprises two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap, known as abutment teeth, and a false tooth or teeth in between. These false teeth are known as pontics.

Choosing a bridge can restore your smile and maintain the shape of your face, as well as alleviate stress on your bite.

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Langley Dentist: Helping You Make the Right Choice

Understanding the difference between a crown and a bridge is just the beginning of making the right choice for your dental health. As your trusted Langley dentist, we are committed to offering comprehensive consultations, helping you understand the best options for your unique needs.

Whether you need a crown to cover a damaged tooth or a bridge to fill the gap from a missing tooth, we are here to help. Our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Langley is equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring you get the best care possible.

Remember, a confident smile goes beyond aesthetics. It is a window to your overall health. Trust your smile to us, your premier Langley dentist, and experience the top-notch dental care that you deserve.

Visit our iSmile Langley dentist office today, and let us help you understand the difference between dental crowns and bridges, and most importantly, regain the confidence in your smile.

Let us help you make your smile even more beautiful!

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Understand dental crowns & bridges with a trusted Langley dentist. Crowns cover & strengthen damaged teeth; bridges fill tooth gaps. For personalized dental solutions, consult a dentist near me at iSmile Langley. Your smile, our commitment!